Manchester Business and Westminster: when opportunity knocks

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Greater Manchester’s business community has requested evidence of the new Government’s commitment to investing in the city-region’s economic infrastructure. The three key areas of concern are: transport, broadband and infrastructure. In a joint statement, business leaders said: “Driving growth across the UK regions is critical for economic prosperity. Greater Manchester’s businesses help generate  £56bn for the economy  every year, but our city still requires more in public spending than we are able to generate in taxes.” Previously the Government has said it will commit to investments such as HS2, better rail connectivity across the North, the upgrading of the M62, whilst also aiming for 95% of UK premises to be covered by superfast broadband by 2017.

Business leaders will now want to see firm plans from the Government to assure them Manchester will obtain the investment which has previously been promised. There may have been some relief with the appointment of a Northern Powerhouse Minister, Andrew Percy MP, however, there is now some doubt regarding the Government’s commitment to the Northern Powerhouse as the Prime Minister announced a new industrial strategy, which press reports have alluded as being a snub to George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse.

With new Government ministers taking the summer break to get to grips with their new posts, this quiet period in Westminster offers a unique opportunity for business groups and other pressure organisations to get their message across to those in power. Indeed, the Chancellor’s autumn statement is likely to be the next big occasion when he will set out his new economic plan for the country, giving such groups time to develop their messages and have their say.

The formation of a new Government doesn’t happen often, but it is a great opportunity to engage with key politicians and to help to develop future policy. At Remarkable, we are experts in fields of political engagement and communications and can help bridge the gap between businesses and politicians. If you need some advice on how to get your voice heard in Westminster, give us a call!

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